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’90 Day Fiance’: Is Colt Johnson with Jess or Vanessa Now?

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As for Colt, he acknowledged that he jumps into relationships too hard and too fast. He shared that he actually wasn’t looking to date after his.

He also gives advice to couples from different countries who are dating. June It’s a good story, a lot of ups and downs, you know, right after the cusp of my divorce. And really, my relationship my mother improves a lot and changes, and it’s really great. You know, we get to introduce my love interest, Jess. You saw it in the trailer, probably. And it’s going to be good. I promise you it will be a very good show.

And yeah, like, very briefly, I just walked up to her, and I shook her hand, and said, good luck and stay out of trouble. And that was the last time I saw or talked to Larissa. And that was about a year ago, maybe, a year and a half. It is kind of hard sometimes, because it seems like my whole marriage was digested to, like, two seasons of television.

And in one hand– in a lot of ways, it’s hard for me to separate the television show from the marriage, because they really were concurrent. Like, when I first met Larissa in America, they were filming that.

Is Colt’s girlfriend Jess dating someone new?

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But, it seems like there was trouble in paradise for the two. Since rumors sparked that Colt was dating another woman, Vanessa Guerra. Continue reading to find out where he stands with Jess and Vanessa. The two had a good first date. However, Jess then got upset with Colt. Instead, Colt wanted to go back to the hotel and spend time with her alone. But, before the 90 Day Fiance alum went back to Las Vegas, he and Jess were able to mend their relationship. The two are supposedly no longer together.

’90 Day Fiancé’: Colt Reveals His New Brazilian Girlfriend, Jess

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Happily Ever After follows couples after they’re officially married—or, in this case, divorced. The spinoff tends to recast couples with ongoing drama, and Larissa and Colt certainly don’t lack that. He revealed that Larissa hasn’t contacted him in some time, especially after she faced a domestic violence trial on a charge that she assaulted Colt. In the self-taped segment, though, Colt said Larissa knows where he and his mother, Debbie, live, so if she ever needs them she can find them.

It sounded as if Colt has moved on from Larissa, but a door is being left open should she need assistance.

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He introduces Jess as his new girlfriend and reveals that she is originally from Brazil and works as a nanny in Chicago. I am delighted to be with her. Jess seems to discover that Colt is secretly texting another woman, Vanessa Guerra, behind her back. Reports suggest that Colt is dating Vanessa, the woman he spoke to when he dated Jess. But details of their relationship are still scarce.

And after breaking up with Colt, it seems Jess has also found love with someone new.

Colt sp1 dating

Colt has not confirmed anything about his relationship with Jess , but viewers think he has moved on and is now dating a woman named Vanessa Guerra. She also lives in Chicago and fans were quick to speculate that she might be using Colt to remain in the United States. But when Colt flew to Chicago for a quick visit, the pair found out that they both adore cats, which is something they immediately connected over.

Colt Johnson and his mother Debbie are featuring on TLC’s hit spinoff series “90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk,” which airs tonight at 11 p.m. ET.

But while Season 5 has shown him move on from Larissa and vice versa, it has also shown how difficult dating is for Colt, regardless of who he is with. And now that the cat is out of the bag about him talking to his friend Vanessa Guerra, who he promised girlfriend Jess Caroline he wasn’t in contact with, it could mean the end of another relationship sooner rather than later.

But Jess, for her part, has essentially ignored any non-disclosure agreement in place and claimed on her Instagram Stories that Colt faked part of their relationship for the cameras and that he is now dating Vanessa. Jess shared screenshots of an alleged text conversation between Colt and Vanessa from when they were filming the season. The texts make it seem as though Vanessa is interested in him, but he is asserting that he is dating Jess and happy with her.

Even though Colt seemed to think Jess was like a breath of fresh air after his marriage to Larissa ended, things were already on shaky ground between them when he visited her in Chicago. He met with Jess and her friends, who weren’t exactly ready to sing his praises. It’s safe to say that marrying Jess was likely never on the table for Colt.

In addition to spilling the tea about those alleged texts between Colt and Vanessa, Jess has been quick to show her Instagram followers that she has moved on. Colt already admitted to sleeping with Vanessa once and having feelings for her, but she didn’t reciprocate them. She could have changed her mind about him after he got home from Brazil, however. If Jess has a new boyfriend, then it means he is free to date someone else.

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Colt Either Has the Best or Worst Luck With Women on ’90 Day Fiancé’

They married in June , but later made headlines in January when Larissa was arrested for domestic battery following an alleged fight between the two, and Colt filed for divorce just days after the incident. Colt, 34, said that he was actually taking the time to find himself after his divorce, but then a “gorgeous little redhead” reached out to him online. Colt flew to Chicago to meet Jess, a year-old woman from Brazil who is in America working as an au pair while she also goes to school.

Day Fiancé is an American reality television series on TLC that follows couples who have Once that relationship ended, Jason and Cássia began dating. Cássia Colt, a computer programmer who lives with his mother and three cats, flew to.

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