Marriage in ancient Greece had less of a basis in personal relationships and more in social responsibility. The goal and focus of all marriages was intended to be reproduction, making marriage an issue of public interest. Marriages were usually arranged by the parents; on occasion professional matchmakers were used. Each city was politically independent and each had its own laws concerning marriage. For the marriage to be legal, the woman’s father or guardian gave permission to a suitable male who could afford to marry. Orphaned daughters were usually married to uncles or cousins. Wintertime marriages were popular due to the significance of that time to Hera, the goddess of marriage. The couple participated in a ceremony which included rituals such as veil removal, but it was the couple living together that made the marriage legal. Marriage was understood to be the official transition from childhood into adulthood for females.

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Traditionally, the young lovers would have been chaperoned, but this is how longer free. The courting couple also would have spent a lot of time getting to know one another’s family. However, many Greek sites how enjoy old-fashioned courtship, and wining and dining them and giving them sites demonstrates that ancient gestures never go out of fashion. Brought to you by Sciencing.

Local Customs in Greece: Greece has many customs that date back several millennia. GO on an There are many traditional Greek festivals.

Jun 5, Greece. Local customs in Greece: often dating back several millennia to the time of Homer, author of the Odyssey and poet of the time. Regional traditions that will charm you and make you forget your name. So, for your internship in Southern Europe, be ready. Symbolic rituals The burning of the flower wreaths on May 1st. A typical Mediterranean day During your internship in Greece, you should know that Greeks usually get up at 7am and finish their morning at 1pm.

They eat a rather light lunch between and

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Fascinating traditions tied to different clans and localities, with multiple layers of social, economic and ritual significance. Rites inextricably connected with specific places, communities and holidays. These are the deep roots of Greek culture. Tradition in Greece is still part of everyday life. Greek communities everywhere love to dance, in couples or in circles, young and old; and in dancing, they celebrate their homeland and their roots… the ties that bind.

Comparative study of Greece and China dates back to the mutual awareness of on the inherent advantages of traditional Chinese culture over Western culture. mostly dating from before the death of Alexander in BC on the Greek side,​.

In the hot summers, social life in Greece tends to be outdoors. In small towns and villages the tradition of the volta continues, when at sundown much of the population strolls up and down the main street or, on the islands, along the shore. It is also not uncommon to find in a single village one coffee shop where the adherents of a particular political party congregate.

Television, the Internet, and forms of video entertainment have to some extent undermined these traditional leisure patterns. Greek cuisine, particularly such sweets as baklava and kataifi , reflects the centuries of Turkish rule. The traditional, healthy diet of Greek peasants in general was based on vegetables, fruit, olives, olive oil , cheese, bread, and seafood, meat being a luxury eaten only on special occasions.

Greek society is noted for its strong family structure and a low crime rate. The extended family , and the obligation placed on family members to provide mutual support, is of the utmost importance. The centrality of the family has been little affected by the rise of the middle class that has been a feature of the development of Greek society since the end of World War II.

During the s important changes were introduced in Greek family law. Civil marriage was instituted in parallel with religious marriage, the dowry system was abolished though marriages are still sometimes seen to some degree as economic alliances in theory , divorce was made easier, and the hitherto dominant position of the father in the family was restricted. This is especially true of shipping, in which tightly knit clans of families dominate the industry. The family structure of industry acts as an impediment to modernization.

The wheels of society continue to be lubricated by mesa connections and rouspheti the reciprocal dispensation of favours.

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Knowing more about the customs and traditions of a country can make your visit more enjoyable! The main things that characterize a nation are its history, tradition, and culture. You all know that Greece is famous for its history and sunny days, so we have the first out of the three points. You may know some of them and be surprised by some others. By the end of this post, we guarantee that you will feel Greeker than the Greeks!

Culture History and Culture About Greece. Traditionally, the Christmas holiday period in Greece lasts 12 days, until January 6, During Carnival, the town revives the unique custom of “alevromoutzouromata” dating back to the heyday of the.

While some will always honor the ways of the past, many modern Greek families have found ways to mesh the old with the new. Each family and region is unique, but there are general traditions you’ll see many types of Greek families following in Greece or around the world. Respect, unity, and hospitality are the three words Charalampos Bobby Afionis says best describe Greek family values. Bobby currently lives in the U.

Although he’s far from his first home, family traditions still play an active role in his life because of these Greek cultural family values. Greek families often grow their homes or neighborhoods to house their adult children and extended family members so they can all stay close. For many, this means adding floors to their existing homes so each immediate family can have their own space.

Bobby adds, “Family homes are not typically sold, but are passed down from generation to generation. Men are providers who are expected to work, and all Greek men are required to serve in the county’s military in order to reside there. In terms of the household, men don’t typically do housework or standard childcare duties.

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A traditional Greek band, in fact, is a staple at any Greek festival or wedding. These bands include instruments Western audiences are familiar with, such as the.

In many ways, Greece is a thoroughly integrated European country, and behaviour and social mores differ little from what you may be used to at home. Continue reading to find out more about In general, Greeks are exceptionally friendly and curious, to an extent that can seem intrusive, certainly to a reserved Brit. Should you get such an invitation, you are not expected to be punctual — thirty minutes late is normal — and you should bring a small gift , usually flowers, or cakes from the local cake shop.

There are quite a number of nudist beaches in remote spots, with plenty of locals enjoying them, but on family beaches, or those close to town or near a church of which there are many along the Greek coast , even toplessness is often frowned on. Most monasteries and to a lesser extent churches impose a fairly strict dress code for visitors: no shorts, with women expected to cover their arms and wear skirts though most Greek women visitors will be in trousers ; the necessary wraps are sometimes provided on the spot.

Nodding and shaking your head for yes and no are also unlikely to be understood; Greeks use a slight forward inclination of the head for yes, a more vigorous backward nod for no. Tipping is not essential anywhere, though taxi drivers generally expect it from tourists and most service staff are very poorly paid. Restaurant bills incorporate a service charge; if you want to tip, rounding up the bill is usually sufficient.

Smoking also deserves a mention.

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Infants are swaddled and carried and sleep in cradles. Child Rearing and Education. Children tend to live with their parents until they are married. Between and science and engineering students accounted for percent of university enrollment. Stolz I. Dinner is the main meal and is eaten at around two.

Dating your Greek girl should be exciting and even more exciting once you are familiar with the interesting Greek dating culture. They love their traditional stake, Zeimpekiko, and other modern dancing trends. You will go out.

Interested in dating Greek men and women? This post is for all out there who: Aspire to come to Greece and live their summer love. Ladies and gentlemen, sit comfortable and read this guide. It will save you time and from lots of frustration. We assume you date someone from Greece or are getting into that situation. Some of our ways of acting seem closer to those of Italians, but Italians are not Greeks or maybe they are.

Wherever we travel we stand out! By the way, when in Greece, make sure to check this list too. Greek guys are into a lot about good food.

Greek Easter Traditions – Greek Orthodox Easter Food and Customs

The Feast of all Feasts Considered the most important holiday on Greek calendar and one of the richest in folklore, the celebration of Orthodox Easter Pascha is unique throughout Greece. Easter is a moveable holiday. Its celebration falls on the first Sunday after the full moon of the spring equinox. All over Greece, a plethora of customs and traditions are observed during the week prior to Easter, the Holy Week.

The preparations for the celebration of the Resurrection start on Holy Thursday. On that day, housewives traditionally prepare special cakes named tsourekia, biscuits and red color eggs.

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During the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, Greece saw monarchies and ousting of royalty, fierce political fights, assassinations, and dictatorships, wars that added neighboring territories and new population, but also brought economic devastation and poverty. In , a group of military officers seized power, establishing a military dictatorship that suspended many political liberties and forced the king to flee the country. In , democratic elections and a referendum created a parliamentary republic and abolished the monarchy.

Greece rejoined NATO in It successfully hosted the Olympic Games in Athens. This rich and tumultuous past greatly influences contemporary lifestyle, the Greek perspective on the world, Greek music , food, customs and traditions, even the way Greeks do business. Greeks as a whole are extremely proud of their history, their cultural heritage and their contribution to literature, art, philosophy and politics. They speak with intense passion of their country as the cradle of European civilization.

A recent study found that Greeks’ pride in being Greek surpassed the ethnic satisfaction of every other European nation. Greeks define their natural and ethnic belonging through their culture and tradition.

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Greek women and men enjoy a reputation for being warm, friendly and beautiful. Traditionally, young couples were introduced to one another by their families and their dates were chaperoned until they were married. However, many young people in Greece now prefer to meet people through work and social activities. It is a Greek tradition for young men and women to be introduced to one another by their families.

Dig a little deeper, however, or travel to more remote, less touristed areas, and you’ll find that traditional Greek ways survive to a gratifying degree. It’s easy to.

You hear it constantly. Spitting for the Greek culture is a way of detracting any form of evil presence, taking the jinx off something and basically not tempting fate. Spitting feels like second nature to us. When we have instinct to spit, to ‘protect’ someone and we don’t spit, it doesn’t feel right.

Oh, and its always three spits. Have you heard Greek friends address each other? Or how about angry taxi drivers in Greece? Singular form being “malaka”. I often call my sister on the phone and say: “Ela Hi malaka!