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The band also pulled from their back catalog to play a well-balanced set of their newest music along with older favorites. Throughout the set, fans were engrossed in the music; at one point, a dedicated fan in the front row wearing a Garfield costume took to crowd surfing. Best Coast Photo by John Vettese.

Even if Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino and WAVVES mastermind Nathan Williams weren’t dating, their breakthrough albums.

Join Songkick to track Best Coast and get concert alerts when they play near you. Our first album Crazy For You is 10 years old! Be the first to know when they tour near St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. View all upcoming concerts In , she formed the experimental drone band Pocahunted with her friend Amanda Brown. It was the small scale, cassette recordings that she made with that group that fell into the hands of Bobb Bruno who was a multi-instrumentalist scenester seemingly known by everyone in the L.

Best Coast: “People Just Liked Me Because I Was Myself On The Internet”

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BEST. COAST. Webster Hall New York City Wednesday. February 2 the singer guitarist who was touring with boyfriend Nathan Williams band Wavves I.

Los Angeles indie rock duo Best Coast have an uncanny way of putting songs together. It makes their sound accessible to both the punks and the Top 40 crowd — a rarity in a time where musicians find themselves pigeonholed to one specific genre, no matter how hard they try escape. Together, Cosentino and Bruno have found a niche that others wish they could artistically achieve.

Rob Duguay: When you were a kid you were a child actress. What was that environment like for you to grow up in and were you doing commercials, films or both? Bethany Cosentino: I did commercials mostly. My mom was an actress, she did a lot of commercial acting.

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino on Her Road to Sobriety and Self-Acceptance

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While Christmas classics still run the show, it’s always fun to hear new takes Indie-rock duo Best Coast and pop-punk rockers Wavves brought the sounds of.

In the perpetually bouncing, skating, blunt-smoking, laughing, crowd surfing, reverbed world of Best Coast and Wavves, over-thinkers, self-pitiers and gloomy types need not apply. The fact that Bethany Cosentino and Nathan Williams are a real-life couple only makes the story better. The two met at the age of 17, spent a summer together, went their separate ways and then got back together.

Nathan and Bethany, too, are among the most entertaining Twitter users out there. NORRIS: The idea for this tour—was there just a hole in the schedule for both bands and you decided this would be a good thing to do now? So we get to spend a good chunk of time together, which is cool. Or can you? She still thinks I do.

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I think this relationship is maybe a few weeks old, but the warning signs were there; the similarities between them are crystal clear. To name a few: Both are afraid of the ocean and swimming. Both have an affinity for Seinfeld.

Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Violent Femmes, Brian Eno, Sting, Best Coast, Wavves​, Eagles of Death Metal, Kyuss WAY OUT WEST VIBES PLAYLIST: ▷ “Arrested.

On Monday, both bands made their way to Boulder to let audiences feel the love. The group came out ironically decked out in Misfits-style makeup and poked fun at metal bands throughout their set. Besides the gimmick they put on, Wavves played an energy-packed show that left the audience dancing and moshing with delight. Wavves did a great job of covering all of their material and sounding faithful to their recordings.

There was considerably less moshing for Best Coast, as their set was a breezy and fun hour of sunny rock. Although the band consists of the people listeners would least expect to be in a rock band, Best Coast did a great job of surprising the audience with its lively distorted garage rock. Even though lead singer Bethany Cosentino was wearing high socks and a dress probably bought from Etsy, she still shred her guitar so hard she broke a string halfway through the show.

The group also added a lot to its live show. Another part of the show that was almost more interesting than the concert itself was a trip to the merch stand.

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino (again)

So much for the hazy shade of winter. While Tuesday’s evening temperatures befitted the Arctic, Wavves and Best Coast had a Lincoln Hall thinking about sandy beaches, summer flirtations and balmy days. With Chicago desperate for a warm-up, no wonder the groups are playing a sold-out two-night stand. To the delight of social media addicts, the couple uses Twitter to communicate when apart.

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Crazy for You by Best Coast is an undisputed classic for moody stoners everywhere. After all, Best Coast has put out four full-length records since then. Obviously, the problem remains, because just recently, Cosentino penned a righteous essay for Lenny Letter, the online feminist newsletter run by Lena Dunham. Right off the bat, Cosentino stated:. Because she came up alongside Wavves, a band fronted by her on-and-off boyfriend Nathan Williams, their relationship became an inescapable part of her image.

Even still, Bethany continuously shut down conversations about her personal life with Nathan in interviews and never truly verified whether or not he was the center her songs. By doing this, she reinforced an important argument that still holds up as the two bands embarked together on the massive and joint-headlining Summer Is Forever tour that began last week: Who the hell cares whether he is or not?

Best Coast Almost Had No Future. Now Everything Has Changed.

The qualities that made Bethany Cosentino such an appealing rock star over the past decade were simultaneously causing her to unravel. By Caryn Ganz. She spoke out about sexual misconduct in the music industry in , a year before MeToo took off. With that said, she paused to dip a thin brush into a small ceramic palette. But an outspoken mob always seemed to be challenging the band in its early days.

Cosentino was very online, and very sensitive to the digital daggers piercing her music, her personal life and her looks.

In the last seven years Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast has gone Rather than let the sophomore slump break up Best Coast, Bethany Also Read: The Music Fund Has Money for Musicians Who Can’t Tour, But Still Have.

Best Coast have always been a delightful embodiment of catharsis. The California rock duo of Bethany Consentino and Bobb Bruno have been rattling off intensely personal guitar pop songs since their classic debut Crazy For You , but their new album, Always Tomorrow , out now via Concord Records, provides a different kind of catharsis. A decade ago, Best Coast were the definition of a hype band. But beyond their sun-soaked, emotional indie rock songs and cloud of fame, Consentino was having trouble dealing with success.

Consentino turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and projected an image of a perpetually cool, unfazed musician, but she was facing an internal crisis that became too large to ignore. After their album California Nights , she isolated herself, feeling miserable and creatively uninspired. But then a song fell out of her, which became the golden ticket she needed.

In late , she decided to make that song a reality by becoming sober. Her creative gears eventually began to turn again, and she brought in guitarist Bobb Bruno to write songs with her for the first time. He sent music for her to write to, and four of his songs ended up on their new album Always Tomorrow. Paste talked to Cosentino about her past, present and future in one of the most beloved bands of the decade, Best Coast.

Wavves best coast dating nake

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Still, it was an entertaining, pull-no-punches roundtable totally worthy of publication, I noticed the drum fill that opens [the Best Coast song] “Boyfriend” is the same as the BC: We’re basically Jerry and Elaine, but we date.

Don’t have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. I saw them in Boulder on Valentine’s Day. Hipster Runoff later accused Cosentino who at the time was trying to imitate the always unamused Lana Del Rey of lip-synching.

Williams and company seemed antagonistic. I was certain the wave of SoCal-led surfer punk was about to crash and no one would remember these two bands in five years time. But here we are, almost exactly five years later, and Best Coast and Wavves are at the top of their game. On Saturday night, the Bluebird Theater was sold out for the pair, and the crowd was appropriately rowdy. Because the two bands are no longer poster children for the stoner beach lifestyle; they mean much more now.

Cosentino wore an oversized Sublime shirt and had messy hair.

Wavves – “Nodding Off” (feat Best Coast)